The Importance of a Baking Cupboard

When thinking of a name for this blog, I struggled at first. I mean, there are so many things about baking that I love...I couldn't just pick one three word combination!
But then I stumbled upon the thought of my humble baking cupboard, without which I would be nowhere. My baking ingredients would just be mixing with other common store-cupboard essentials...
This particular cupboard is not big, nor small. It started off at least 10 years ago, when we gradually started to put the baking things in one particular cupboard. First came the flours, then the sugars, then the raising agents, then food colourings, dried fruit etc etc. Now it is a blooming cupboard of baking goodness, wafting its inspirational ideas throughout our flat.
Every few months there comes a time when our cupboard just gets a little jumbled up (not because of me), and has to be reorganized. Don't worry I'm not quite  a 'labeller' yet- I just like it to be nice and else are you going to think of your next baking idea when your main source is a mess!? I'm sure there are people who work well with a pleasantly haphazard cupboard spilling with organized chaos- I applaud you all- but I'm not quite there yet.
Anyway, this cupboard is where my baking experience starts. The minute I'm sat bored on the sofa and I think: "I want to bake something..." my fingers start itching for the scales and the wooden spoon. This is promptly followed by "what should I bake?" Then I open the door of my gloriously normal looking corner baking cupboard and start looking through my ingredients. Every time, this action leads to a baked good- a good bake or a miss. Either way, for me the opening of the baking cupboard door means only one thing: IT'S BAKING TIME!